Who needs a new dress?

We always need a new dress, but we can also spice up anything in the closet with custom neckwear. 24″ turquoise, pearl, quartz, silver scroll clasp multi-strand. NA22 $110

Going back to Cali

This turquoise and coral necklace with silver accents is going back to Cali. NA21 $65

Playing favorites

We really shouldn’t play favorites, but it’s so exciting to finish a piece and fall in love with it. This 20″ long necklace has pearls, keishi, paua, lapis and is finished with a silver drop of turquoise and chalcedony and a silver scroll clasp. NA19 $75 SOLD


A new turquoise bench and more treasures to savor. Turquoise with silver filigree bead — NA25 $50. Turquoise, assorted gemstones, silver drop w/carnelian, silver scroll clasp — NA20 $65

Attention to detail

20″ two-strand with turquoise, coral, keishi, silver pearl accent piece at clasp and silver clasp — NA18 $65

Bright blue

Lapis and other bright blue accents make the turquoise pop. 17″ necklace — MR12 $50


We love coral with turquoise. This gem features a partial double strand. SOLD