Consider birthstones for Mother’s Day

Quartz crystal, opal and aquamarine
A cluster of drops to signify the birthstones of a mother and her children.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do for one of the maternal influences in your life, contact us to work with you on a custom birthstone gift.

December Birthday
Turquoise and tanzanite linked on this delicate sterling silver chain as a December birthstone gift.
The bar of birthstones represents three children, starting from the center:
titanium coated white topaz (a modern look that takes topaz up a notch and a nice anchor and style for the piece), turquoise and ruby, with sapphires on each end to symbolize the mother’s September birthday. A separate white sapphire drop on ball chain adds a layer of elegance.
A custom grouping with peridot and emerald to represent the children and ruby as the mother’s birthstone.

Also, check out the American Gem Society list of birthstones for reference.

Source: Birthstone | Birthstones | Birthstone by Month

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