So many crosses


We’ve had rosaries and jewelry with crosses in our collection for as long as we can remember.

On our travels around the world, we find crosses that give us a sentimental feeling and we buy them. We buy them in Santiago de Compostella, Spain, at the Vatacan in Rome, Italy, and across the Southwest United States, among other places. We appreciate the cross and its symbolism.

To some the cross may represent a sentimental feeling, a lifetime connection or a moment in time.

Spanning many cultures, the cross embodies the spiritual, historical and artistic. The wearer is the interpreter of its specific meaning in their world. It’s universal and personal and each person knows what it conveys to them.

Our unique cross collection is now being offered to you. Elaborate and simple crosses hung from pearls, or chains, or gemstones or a simple strand of leather. New crosses, vintage crosses, Southwest crosses… where did these all come from? Give us a shout if you are interested in viewing the options we now make available to you from our private collection.


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