2016 Winter Sale

10% off and free shipping! We have a limited number of items┬áready to ship in time for the holidays. Order by December 19 for delivery before Christmas. Select any of the items below. Text or call (505.470.7344) or email (nancy@santafesisters.com) Nancy with the item number and your name, email address and phone number. We will…

Special order

Don’t forget that we take special requests. NA $50

Eclectic mix

Lots of variation and color in this 18″ turquoise, coral, pearl, lapis, paua necklace with silver scroll clasp. NA5 $50

Special request

Heather wants a Christmas necklace with gold accents, so here it is. 20″-21″ coral, lapis, pearl with gold plate spacers and clasp. NA26 $50 SOLD

From the vintage collection

Ah, the stories these beads could tell. Turquoise, pearl, coral and silver accents with silver figure eight clasp. NA10 $65

Where we started

Santa Fe Sisters started while going through Marellie’s and Mother’s beads. This 22″ unique design features vintage beads, turquoise, lapis, cloisonne and coral accents closed with a silver beaded s-clamp. NA11 $65

Going back to Cali

This turquoise and coral necklace with silver accents is going back to Cali. NA21 $65

Attention to detail

20″ two-strand with turquoise, coral, keishi, silver pearl accent piece at clasp and silver clasp — NA18 $65